How to create Facebook group page

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Are you thinking of moving your business forward? Or having a Facebook group for personal purposes creating a Facebook group will help you do just that. This article will teach you how to create Facebook group page, how to create a Facebook group chat, how to create Facebook group, and how to create Facebook page.

Some users join the Facebook group for different reasons, whether old or young-looking to connect with friends in a neighborhood or creating awareness about their brand for business purposes, as the Facebook group has different categories. First, let look at what is a Facebook group. How To See Hidden Friend List On Facebook

How to create Facebook group page

What is a Facebook Group?

Talking about the Facebook group is a page created on the Facebook homepage to enable people to interact among themselves in a group on a common topic. Most time these groups are used to promote and interact with the rest member of the group for prospects about their different brands, events, or activities going on in an organization or company.

Users can use this group to achieve a different purpose, but the most common ones are for business marketing, networking, creating customer relationships, and develop brand ambassadors.

So it is very important to set a goal before creating your Facebook group. With this understanding, goal and target in mind will help you to achieve your purpose at the end of the day. Considering the name you choose for your group, make sure it aligns with your brand with the brand will be a good start. Decide if the group will be private or public, managing of the comment section, and targeting a particular location, etc.

This entire question will be answered by you in order to arrive at the right decision. We have provided the solution to help you set up your Facebook group page and how it will benefit your business in the long run. As you follow through the post. How to delete Facebook account permanently

How to create a Facebook group page

There are two ways for you to create a Facebook group, which are outline below:

1.         Create a Facebook group from your personal profile (which has friends).

2.         Or Your Facebook page with fans or likes.

You can decide to use any of the options above depends on why you are creating the group.

For instance, in a situation whereby you are creating a group to promote your business page, then it will make more sense to create the group with your page.

But in case you are trying to do something different or not trying to promote your page, you can create the group with your personal profile. Mind you, there are some advantages to creating a group with your page.

For instance, this will help people to identify you as the Facebook creator as it will lead to more traffic to your page.

Create a Facebook group from your personal profile

Creating your Facebook page from your profile.

Step 1

Simply sign in to your “Facebook Account”.

How to create Facebook group page

On the home page, look at the left side of the page and click” Create New Group”.

Create new

  Step 2: Add a Group Name.

That is, when you click on create new group, a pop-up will display.

This display form contains four forms that you need to complete in order to create your new group.

Enter the name of your choice.

choose group name

Mind you: it is advisable to give your group name in line with your brand.

So your group name should be able to relate to your topic.

See some tips below to help you to choose the right name for your new group.

•           Try to use your name, brand name, product name, or a name that can easily search for.

•           Or try to make use of the keyword related to the topic or brand you are creating the group name with. For example, you could have a Facebook group on fashion or A Facebook Group discussing how to dress at different events.

Step 3: Select your privacy setting.

Facebook gives you two options to choose from on the privacy setting.

Public: choosing this option make anybody on Facebook see your group and what you post.

Private: on this option, only the group members can see who is in the group and what admin post on the group.

So for privacy reasons choosing a privacy setting will be the right choice to make while creating your group. But there is some limitation when it comes to this here.

choose privacy

As is stated by Facebook, the differences between public groups and private groups are as follows:


•           Anyone can see what members post, comment, and share in the group.

•           People on Facebook can see the list of members in the group.

•           People on Facebook can see who the admins and moderators are.


While for private, only current members can see what member’s post, comment, and share in the group.

Only the present members can see the list of members in the group.

People on Facebook can see who the admins and moderators are.

Though group privacy settings can be changed later there are some conditions governing it.

The admins of the group can only change the privacy setting once every 28 days, but they can still reverse the change made to the group privacy settings within 24 hours.

The admins of the group can also change the privacy settings for groups under 5,000 members from public to private or private to public.

Here admins only have the chance to change the privacy settings for groups with over 5,000 members from the public to private, but cannot change it from private to public.

That is how is stated by Facebook official rules. So user should have in mind these rules in order to keep your group in line with Facebook group policy.

Step 4: set your visibility

Once you have chosen your privacy setting. The next thing you need to do is to set your visibility for your new group.

It is also referred to as “Hide Group”.

If you select “Visible” then anyone on Facebook will be able to find the group.

But selecting “Hidden” then you make it only available for the members of the group. Others will need to be invited to join the group by the group admin.

That means, the public group needs to be visible to the public, so it has to be set by default.

Steps 5: Choose friends to add to your new group

choose friends to add

Here, you will need to add at least 1 friend to the group before it can be created. As Facebook will suggest people from your own friend’s list which you can choose from.

Step 6: Click “Create”

Click the “create” blue button then you are done.

Once you hit the create blue button you will become a Facebook group, personal profile owner.

Let look at the same process to create a group from your Facebook page.

How to create a Facebook Group with your Facebook page

Note: pages have “fans or Likes” not friends.

Here are the steps to follow;

Make sure you logged in to your Facebook.

At the homepage, scroll down to the left side of your Facebook homepage.

Tap “Page Setting

Step 1: Turn on the “Groups” tab in your page settings.

Once it opens, click on “Templates and Tabs”.

And then, turn your page “Groups” tab on

Tap the “Toggle” and turn it green to activate

Step 2: Navigate to the Groups tab and click “Create Group”

As you activate the Groups tab, at the homepage of your Facebook you will notice that your pages profile photo and title are displayed:






So you will need to click on “Group” or “More” for the “Group” Tab to display.

Click “More” and then “Groups”.

Wait for it to open and click on the Groups tab,

The option to “Create Group” will be shown.

In case you already created a Facebook Group for your business using your personal profile. Then, you will see a “Link Your Group” option.

This link will allow you to link your Facebook Group to your Facebook Page. But in a situation where you are just creating your Facebook group for the first time then what you need to do is just to click on the “Create Group” button.

Difference between a Facebook group and a page

Though a Facebook group and a page serve the same purpose there is some slight difference. They are both for broadcasting content and creating awareness to the public with your pictures, posts, and videos.

Your Facebook business page is your official public identity. It is specifically for business updates and practical information related to your business, visible to anyone on the internet via search engines.

On these pages for business, users can collect audience analytics, like the page, comment on posts, and add a call to action or useful apps and services, via those thumbs-up around to assist the business.

While for the Facebook group it allows fans/ customers/readers to relate with the brand owner. This allows discussion, weird memes, finding a lasting solution to problems, learning about your brand, meeting someone else who loves the same company as much as you do.

Benefits of Facebook Groups for business

Here, the Facebook group helps you to have loyal customers and fans following the brand. They help you promote your business brand and have an opportunity to get insight from people who know your business very well, watch your videos, learn, ask for feedback, and then actually use your product.

Facebook groups help to increase organic reach, as the Facebook algorithm is designed to prioritize your content with high engagement. As you are posting and interacting with your group’s members, your post gets higher visibility in the newsfeed.

How to set up a Facebook group
set up a facebook page

After you have created your Facebook, what is next to do is to set it up and display the visibility of the group.

Now the first thing you need to do is add a cover photo to your group. Here you have the option to use the creative graphic for your header or cover image.

It is your sole decision to take whether to let the photo align with your brand or the theme of your group.

But in case you have many groups you are running, you may want to use the different photos in each of the groups.

Note: the recommendation Facebook gave is Facebook group cover photo size should be 1640 x 856 pixels; it is advisable you use that.

Fill the “About Section

 This section lets you describe what your group is up for; here you describe the potential of the group.

Edit Group Settings

It is good you edit the group setting, to do this you need to click on the “More” tab and then click on the “Edit Group Setting”.

Clicking on the edit page you will have the options to change:

•           Change the Facebook group name

•           Select your Facebook group type (General, Buy, & Sell, Social Learning, Gaming, Jobs and Work)

•           Update the group description

•           Add a location for local Facebook groups

•           Include 5 keyword-related tags to describe your group

•           Include Apps to help with your Facebook Group

•           Select color for your Facebook group

•           Select your Facebook privacy settings

How to post in a Facebook group

Before you can post on the group, here are the steps as follows

Click on the group at the left side menu and click on the group icon

Tap on “write something” and then compose a post, share a photo or video,

And click “create” and more.

 How to create Facebook page

Before creating a Facebook business page users must have a Facebook account. This is another way to connect your organization with people once your page is created. Invite people to like the page and share post and update about your brands. Here are the steps to follow:

Logged in to your Facebook account

At the homepage of your Facebook.

Click on the drop-down arrow, and then select “Create Page”.

how to create page
how to create page

Select the one you want “Business” or Brand or Community or Public Figure as your page category

how to create page

Give a page Name and Category, and then click “Continue”.

And upload a profile picture and cover photo for your page.

Once your Facebook page appears, you can start customizing your page.

You can start inviting people to start liking the page, create posts, and more.

Customizing a Facebook page

Users can customize their page appearance in many ways. Some of the basic tips to start customizing your page and make it look professional are highlighted below:

Ensure you upload high-quality images as your profile picture and cover photo.

Select a short name for the page since is going to be your URL for example URL:

As an organization users can include their street address; this will enable people to leave a review.

Using a Facebook page

Facebook page can only be edited by the admin or moderator of the page, that is editing the page information and posting updates to the page’s timeline. You can add other users to assist in managing the page. For you to add page admin;

 Tap settings > at the top-right corner

And then select “Page Roles”.

That is all you need to know on How to create Facebook group page and use a Facebook group and page. Please leave your comment and don’t forget to use the likes and share button.

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