How To See Hidden Friend List On Facebook

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How To See Hidden Friend List On Facebook – Do you know how you can see hidden friends list? how to see private friends list on facebook 2021, and how to see hidden friends on facebook 2021. Well if your answer is no, then this article is for you. Some users go ahead and hidden their friends on Facebook because they want to save their friends from impersonators. Since this feature had been made available by Facebook a lot of users have taken advantage of it greatly. They can now decide for instance who sees their friends. That is; Hide Facebook Friends list, Daily activities hide, Profile picture hides, hide status, block users, Turn off friends request receiving, and so on.

Haven makes this feature available, how to see hidden friends list on Facebook 2021 has answered their user’s quest. Users can find out how do I see hidden friends list on Facebook without much stress. As there is some external feature which you can also use to review your friend, friends list that was hidden from you or from the general public.

How To See Hidden Friend List On Facebook

How TO See Hidden Friend List On Facebook

Some Facebook friends list cannot easily access this day. The reason is that users are now wise, hiding friends on Facebook is one of the things that helps you to keep your privacy secure. Because some Facebook users go about cloning people’s accounts and make your friends feel you are the one chatting with them (impersonator).

Why people hide their Facebook friends list?

Some people hide their friends list mostly for security reasons. People would try as much as possible to avoid crimes and to use social media safely. Some Users want to hide personal information and daily activities from social media. So with the help of this feature, Facebook users are eager to use it to the best of their knowledge.

Facebook Friends List

If I ask you what the Facebook friends list is I guess you will answer the question correctly. It is a list of your friends on Facebook or a page where all your friends can be seen. That is, you can find mutual friends on the Facebook friend list of another user. Which is anyone who wants to see all your Facebook friends will have to check your friend list.

How do I see the Hidden Friends list On Facebook 2021?

 Another method you can also use to find common friends between you and another Facebook user are;

Sep 1:

Look for the Facebook ID of your mutual friend and the person whose friends list you want to see.


Use the URL to find a mutual friend between you and another user. That is,  as you copied the URL in step one. Enter it on your Facebook home page at the search bar and click search.

Fourth Method: Use the common friend’s finder page

Log in to your Facebook account.

Go to the Friends finder page.

Scroll down and find the mutual friend list.

Enter the name of the person whose friend list you want to see.

NOTE: you have to have at least one mutual friend in common for this method to work.

Fifth Method

For this method to work you have to follow the steps below;

Enable the extension in your browser.

download Facebook friend mapper.

Sign in to your Facebook account.

Go to the Friend profile that hides their friends.

Then, you will a new tab named reveal friends;

Click on the reveal friends, and then it will start a scan for their friend list.

Once it’s done scanning, their Facebook ID WILL POP UP in a window.

Then, copy the ID and paste it after facebook/ in the address bar and press enter.

Once that is done, their hidden friends will be revealed.

Sixth  method

 How to views Someone’s hidden friends on Facebook without Social revealer

For you to do this you have to sign in to your Facebook home page.

Go to the search bar and search for the person and open the image or post of the person.

After that, find “fbid=” copy the number after it but stop before the “&” c character.

Open a new tab and paste it. Just as is shown below: edit the number between “ search/…../friends” to the one you copied before (that is, “fbid=”)

Tap enter to search and a list of all the friends will be shown.

Create Facebook Account

So for you to use all these features you must have a Facebook account. And make sure that you have an account. all you just need to create an account is a mobile number or an email address in order to open an account:

•           Open your browser and enter the Facebook website URL: http://www.facebook.comor open any of the Facebook apps you have on your device. You can decide to use the Facebook Messenger lite or the normal Facebook app.

•           Using your PC to sign up, on the Facebook website, Scroll down to find the Signup form and hit it. While for mobile devices scroll down and click “ Create new account”.

•           Once the page is open, fill in your necessary detail as you would be asked to confirm if anything goes wrong with your account.

•           Make sure you check your email address or mobile number if is correct before submitting.

•           “Click Sign up” at the bottom of the page to continue.

•           Check your email to verify your account or verify your mobile number by following the instruction on the screen.

Once that is done, add some friends and follow the rest on Facebook to complete your account setup.

How to sign in to your account

Once you already have an account, you don’t need to create a new one in order to find a hidden friends list of your friends. In order to log in to your Facebook account, follow the steps below;

Enter Facebook on your browser.

Once the page is open click on the login at the bottom of the login field.

After your login detail, then

 “Click sign-in”.

with this you will be able to How TO See Hidden Friend List On Facebook.

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