What is a Facebook code generator?

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What is a Facebook code generator? – The Facebook code generator is a two-factor authentication (2FA) generation app or process to protect your Facebook account. Some Facebook users are not aware that they can protect their accounts by using two-factor authentication or by using the Facebook code generator app.  Facebook code generator bypass, bypass Facebook code generator, Facebook code generator not sending SMS, all these can be fixed by reading this article.

By also adding a level of security to your account is very important and you can easily use whichever method of 2FA you want to set up. So in case you lost access to your two-factor authentication, you don’t need to worry, you can still access your account if you don’t have access to your 2FA code generator.How To See Hidden Friend List On Facebook

What is a Facebook code generator?
What is a Facebook code generator?

How to find a Facebook two-factor authentication code?

Three different ways to find Facebook code Generator are;

•           Text confirmation code to your phone number associated with your Facebook account.

•           Using Authentication apps like Authy as explained above or Google Authenticator

•           Use the list of Facebook recovery codes that you have saved as backup recovery codes.

Facebook code generator?

The easiest method of using two-factor authentication (2FA) is by using a code generator app such as Authy.  This app randomly generates a set of six-digit codes that you can use to access the Facebook or other website you set it up with. it is the easiest method to enable two-factor authentication, but you must download the app(Authy) on your phone device or tablet.

What should I do if I lost my phone, and can’t access my code generator app?  To fix this type of issue you need to;

 Log in on the web browser.

 When you get to where they ask for the six-digit code on the screen. You will simply click on it.

 “Need another way to authenticate”.

Facebook Two-factor authentication

 Then you can choose the method that is convenient for you to log in.

two-factor authentication security key

Choose another option like “Text me”.

Login code will be sent to you on your linked phone number to your profile.

 And wait for the code SMS.

In case you lost your phone, hopefully, there is another method to receive the texts, like iMessage on an iPad or Mac for Android’s phone use Google Messages.

Use Authorized Devices.

Facebook users can log into their account by using an authorized device in case they lost their phone. This will make it impossible for any person to sign in to your account on a device you did not authorize. You can authorize your device by following these steps;

Log in Facebook account on a new device browser or application.

You will be asked if it can” Remember it”, by answering Yes, Facebook will not ask for code when you log in again from this device.

This authorization is very important in case you don’t have access to your code generator. You can use this method to login into your account.

To authorize any of your devices, app, or browser you have access to and have not logged in to your Facebook account before. Try it and ensure to select the option “Save Browser” so your Facebook account remains logged in in the future.

How to set up two-factor authentication codes on Facebook

Setting up a two-factor authentication recovery code, the opportunity will be given to you to recovery codes. This is another great way to access your account, in case you don’t have access to your code generator. This is how to set up recovery codes in your device:

•           Log in to your Facebook account.

•           Tap the drop-down at the top right on “Facebook”.

•           Select “settings & Privacy.

•           Click “Setting”.

•           Select “Security and Login”.

•           Then, navigate to “Two-Factor Authentication”.

•           Click on “Use two-factor authentication.”

•           In case, you have set 2FA already, you will need to use your code generator. If this is your first time setting up recovery codes, then all you just need is to enter your password.

•           click next to “Recover codes” at the bottom of the screen.

•           Click on “Setup” and wait for the codes. In case you have set up the codes already; then, click on Manage –>>> Show codes will display. Screenshot the appear code or write down the code or save it, or copy and paste it where you can remember it.

Note: you can only use each of those codes once, and then you can replace it by repeating the same steps and clicking on “Get the codes”.

Codes recovery can help you quickly gain access to your Facebook account in case you lose your code generator.

Login Facebook Without code generator?

For those who enabled two-factor authentication on their Facebook account, but lost their smartphone and couldn’t get the code generator.  Here is the solution.

Login to your Facebook account; www.facebook.com


Click on “didn’t receive a code”

Then, click on “Text me a login code”.

Facebook will send a six-digit code to your phone via SMS messages.

The security code will be sent, enter the code as is shown below.

Click “Continue” in order to log in.

Once that is done, Choose “Save browser” to mark the computer and browser safe and remember the browser.

 How to Access Facebook code generator

The Facebook code generator is the easiest way to access two-factor authentication without a number. This is very useful when you are not with your phone or have no access to your phone.

For you to access the code generator on your Android or iOS device;

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Tap on the hamburger icon at the top right corner.
  • Scroll down, to see the drop-down of the option.
  • Slick Setting & Privacy
  • Select “Code generator”.
  • Then, you will see the software run new security codes every 30 or 60 seconds.

Confirm your Identity

In case you need to confirm your identity, you will have to submit a request to Facebook.

As it pops up in the menu after you have selected” Need another way to authenticate”.

Select Get More Help.

And follow the instruction as Facebook walks you through the steps.

Note:  enter your email and one of your identity items like driver’s license, identity card, or national identity card.

Once that is done, after some hours you will receive a response from Facebook in your email that shows further steps you will require to follow in order to recover your account.

Lost my phone device?

If you can’t access your account as a result of your phone or laptop loss in case you did not log out of the device app. Then you will need to terminate the Facebook app session. But if your phone number is registered with it, you will have to navigate to Facebook;

Go to settings & Privacy

Click “Settings” >> Mobile

Tap Lost your phone and click on the logout on Phone button.

Then, remove the number of the lost phone.

In case you lost your device not your phone, there is still a way to log out of Facebook from other devices.

Open Facebook on a recognized device.

Go to settings & security

Settings –> security and Login

Where you are logged in, look for the session and log out.

How to keep the Facebook account safe

Often time, people complained that they lost access to their Facebook account.  It is will be too late if you failed to protect your account safety and the password got hacked or cracked and they changed the password and recovery method. In a situation like this, only Facebook might be able to help to recover your account.

My candid advice is to make sure you take some minutes to secure your account by using two-factor authentication and keep Facebook recovery codes in a safe place where you can access them when the need arises.

Please, leave a comment. In case of any challenge or need our help to guide you through you are free to reach you any time.

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