What is drop pin – drop Pin Icon?

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What is drop pin – drop Pin Icon? Drop pin simply describe your location on Google maps, this feature enables users to locate a place on Google map and then drop the pin icon on that exact point. This will be more useful if the particular spot is not added yet on Google address (Google map) or it was not spelled correctly, so users can then add the address and description before saving the location in their personal “My Map” Area and save. How To See Hidden Friend List On Facebook

Dropping pin is more than just navigating on Google map from point X to Y, it serves as a guide to provide you with public transportation route, customize your journey and safe time depend on how you can utilize this feature well. How to pin your location on Google map on the system (desktop), iPhone, and AndroidWhat is Code Generator on Facebook

Drop pin icon is available in PNG and SVG download format. This icon indicates a location on Google maps as you long-press it to pin down before you can save that particular location.

What is drop pin – drop Pin Icon?

How to Drop a pin on your system device:

Step one:  open your browser.

Step Two: Navigate to Google Maps, and select a more specific location

“Search Google Maps” enter the exact location so you can narrow down your search area. The red arrow is facing the Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin, use the zoom buttons + and – at the right side down the screen.

Step three:  Drop your pin

At the right side down the screen use the zoom button + and – buttons to zoom in and out.

Right- clicks and selects Directions to here from the drop-down that appears.

Then you will be asked to enter a starting point (the beginning of the Journey X) and driving directions to that spot as shown on the image.

Step Four: Share your directions

Once you have pinned the direction, all you need to do is to share it with friends to guide them. To do this click on the Hamburger (three horizontal lines) in the upper left and select “share or embed maps” from the dropdown list.

How to drop pin on Google maps – Android Mobile

In other to pin on Google maps using an Android phone

Make sure you have the Google maps app on your phone, if you don’t navigate to the google play store and download it

Once downloaded, open the app and search for an address or scroll around the map to find the exact location.

Then long –press on the drop pin on the screen.

Address or locations will pop up at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the location to share it, save it, add a label to it, or get directions.

How to drop pin on Google map iPhone device

Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone device

Search the location on the map where you want to drop the pin.

Zoom in as far as you can see clearly.

Long-press the spot where you want to drop the pin until it appears.

Haven did that, you can now use the pin for example tap “Directions” to get direction from your current location to the dropped pin.

In case you want to use the pin, later on, you can save it by tapping “Label” from the oval options on the pin and gives it a name.

How to remove dropped  pin

In case you no longer want a drop pin on your device, how do you remove or delete the dropped pin? Here is how to remove it from your map

For the Android and iPhone device to remove the drop pin tap the X icon in the text box at the top of the page. While for PC (laptop) either click anywhere else on the map Or you can tap at the X at the bottom of the screen in the search field and it will disappear.

Share a dropped pin location

Sharing a dropped pin on desktop (pc) or mobile is very much possible to share. On the desktop, you can either:

1.      Copy and paste the link automatically generated to share it with people.

2.      On Facebook, you can click on the Facebook icon to share a location directly with the network.

3.      On Twitter, you can post your link by selecting the Twitter icon.

4.      Copy the HTML code to embed the map into the webpage.

In case you want to share your dropped pin location from an Android or iPhone device one is compelled to use your operating system’s native Share Menu. source:http://www.google.com http://www.makeuseof.com

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